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 FH630SX Horizontal Machining Center


Premium model boasting the best cutting performance in it's class

► Stable column design proven with thermal analysis methods.
► Improved responsiveness with synchronized dual ballscrews drives on
  X and Y axes
► Powerful spindle supports heavy cutting of iron and castings.

Work Area: 
Axis travel X (column) 1,000 mm 
Axis travel Y (spindle head) 800 mm
Axis travel Z (table) 850 mm
Spindle nose to rotary table center 200 - 1,050 mm
Spindle nose to top face of pallet 100 - 900 mm
Workpiece swing ø1,000 x 1,000 mm
Speed  (infinitely variabl) 50 - 6,000 rpm
(opt 50 - 15,000 rpm)
Spindle nose taper                     BT No.50
Spindle diameter (front bearing ID)      ø110 mm
Pallet size                               630 x 630 mm    
Pallet height from floor 1,200 mm
Rotary table index increments
Indexing time, 90 degrees 2 sec
Pallet changing time 12 sec
Max load on pallet 1,000 kg
Control:                                                 FANUC 31i
Tool Magazine:   
Tool holding capacity                             40 std (Opt 60,121,190)
Tool selection
Fixed Pocket,
Random Access
Maximum tool weight 27 kg
Maximum tool size
(diameter x length)
ø120 x 545 mm
Tool change time, tool-to-tool 2.4 - 2.7 sec
Tool change time, chip-to-chip    3.6 - 3.9 sec
Rapid feed rate (X,Y and Z)                     60 m/min
Cutting feedrate 0.001-30m/min
Acceleration 0.7 G (X,Y) / 1G (Z)
Machine Size:  
 Machine height 3,200 mm
 Floorspace 6,146 x 3,576 mm         
 Net weight 20,100 kg

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